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Why Market Delta?

Why Market Delta rather than other Market Profile software vendors?

Trader/Moderator Don of the Wolf Pack Trading Group has used Market Delta trading software for over seven years. The software provides advanced charting, technical analysis, and support. And, it provides the Market Profile option which is a major component of Wolf Pack trade setups. The Market Delta Footprint charts provide increased market transparency for active traders and delivers a discrete advantage over other charting methods. The result is more precise trade executions and a better understanding of where you should be trading. Ask any database expert and they will tell you it's not what data you have but how you are able to put that data to use. Once a trader properly learns the advantages of the Footprints they will truly understand the edge it gives to the trader. And, Footprints are used exclusively for the reading of order flow in the Wolf Pack trading room. By the way, Market Delta, Market Profile, and Footprints are all registered trademark products and not a part of the Wolf Pack Trading Group.

Wolf Pack Trading uses the Market Delta for a number of reasons. First, and most important, is because each data point (price) in the Footprint contains not just price alone, but also volume and a dynamic color which signifies more aggressive buying or selling. With that additional trade data at each point, new patterns emerge that you previously haven't noticed because it simply was not there. Second, Market Delta has an open architecture which means that it is programmable. If Trader Don wants to build an indicator to show the directional bias of the delta closing at a higher level this bar versus the previous bar he can do it with Market Delta. In fact, Wolf Pack trading has that specific indicator.

The Wolf Pack room offers chart definitions ready made for the trading room participants. There is no need to spend time building your charts for the six specific Wolf Pack trades used each trading day. We have simple charts for the beginner and more advanced chart settings as a trader becomes more proficient. You will see examples of our charts on this website and they are changed or updated regularly so check us out periodically for new charts and trader education. Learn how to properly use the Footprints rather than just trying to figure them out by yourself.

Lets talk about costs. You should contact Market Delta.com for the various options. They have a 30 day free trial available. Make sure that you read up on the software BEFORE starting your 30 day trial. And, make sure that you have a data feed for the software so that you can fully utilize the free 30 days. You can use the Zen-Fire data feed which is a free resource available through a number of future trading firms. Just open up a brokerage account. If you want a dedicated data vendor it is suggested you contact DTN IQ for pricing information. Most of the traders in the Wolf Pack room use the standard version of Market Delta with the addition of the Market Profile. Trader Don is well aware of trading rooms that charge over $5,000 up-front and more for software licensing plus monthly maintenance fees. Instead, put that "up-front money" licensing dollars to work in your trading account and pay a Market Delta monthly fee.

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